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10-Peccary Exhibit-San Diego Zoo |11-Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Crest |12-Tulsa St. |13-Oak St. |14-Nopal Ave |15-Neville Ave |
16-Palo Verde Dr. |17-56th St. |18-Indigo Bay Dr. | 19-DBG-Entrance

Also called night-blooming cactus, cereus cactus (Hylocerus undatus) is a type of climbing
cactus grown for its huge, pure white flowers. At maturity, the heavily scented, dinner
plate-sized blooms appear every two weeks from midsummer to fall. Each flower puts on a
show for one night only. Despite its exotic beauty, cereus cactus is a fast-growing,
low-maintenance plant. Cereus cactus is a sun-loving plant that grows outdoors in U.S.

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