"Crested Fishook Pincushion Cactus"

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A low, cylindrical cactus with one or many thick-clustered stems grows to 6 inches high.
Many hooked spines, 1/2-inch long at the tips of the cactus, are surrounded by numerous,
straight, tan-to-pink ones. The Fishhook Pincushion Cactus has extended, smooth, red fruit 1/2 to
1 inches long. Not to be confused with the Fishhook Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus wislizenii)
of the Chihuahuan Desert. Also called: "Pincushion Cactus", "Corkseed Cactus",
"Nipple Cactus", "Fishhook Mammillaria", "Cabeza del Viejo"
When they flower, flowers are arranged like a small ring or halo just below the top

Last updated February, 2016
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