"Split", "Y" or "Rabbit Ear" Saguaro's
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These beautful "Split", "Y" (rabbit ear) saguaros are mutant but don't necessarily look like a crested/cristated now, but according to some articles may be crested in 25 to 50 years from now.

A definition has not been found for a "Y" (rabbit ear or split-arm) saguaro so the following definition is being used.

The spot where the arms split does not have a ring around it as do the ("J" or 1/2 "U" shaped) arms on a regular saguaro. The outer pleats and inner ribs split in half vertically resulting in the twin or a "Y" arm. The outer pleats continue up each split arm from the main trunk or arm with no ring at the splitting point.

We have observed several "Y" saguaro skeletons that show this splitting of the inner rib count. The outer pleats have decomposed at this stage. The crested saguaro skeletons with no arms in the crest do not have ribs in the crested area. The crested saguaro skeletons with arms through the crest show ribs only in the arm area.

There are photos of several "Y" saguaros which have identical twin arms and some even match futher splitting of the "Y" arms. This would be a "3-Y" or "upper-Y, lower-Y, upper-Y" arm. Then a few have a crest at the end of each "Y" arm, still being an identical twin, which are really fantastic to see.

Source: WordNet (r) 1.7
Mutate v
1: cause to undergo mutation; of cells
2: undergo mutation; "cells mutate"
Last updated November, 2014
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