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June 2, 2022 Rincon Mountains Roundabout

Report by Phil Kozol

The basic concept was for two members, who had not met one another as of yet, to get together and talk......and it ended up a fun day, even in temps exceeding 100 degrees (we'll never do that again), finding both 'old' and 'new' some other goodies.
It started out about 6:30am, with me meeting Ted C. for the first time....he's one of the 'founders' of the Crested Saguaro Society. He showed me a few crests he had already found in his area, and we then continued eastward.....with him driving (have not enjoyed that since my first outings with Bob Cardell).

This segment contains the crested saguaro's (eighteen) that we came across:

This segment contains contain the "Y" saguaro's, which some day continue to grow, and hopefully become 'crests':

The next four photo's are of the largest saguaro that Fran & I have ever come across. When we first 'found' it, I ask Joe P whether it might be the largest in the state.........his reply.......nope, may #3 or even down to #6. Well, you can check the 'size' yourself........that's Ted in one picture, and me in the other. Really big, huh????

The next two pictures leave me wondering........will this become a 'crest'??? Again, a good reason for members to come back to check it out, from time to time.

This next photo is of some flowers blooming at the roadside, of Redington Pass......really a beautiful color red.

And the last picture........for Joe Orman..............a crested barrel cactus. Joe, you'll have to ask Ted for the location, it's somewhere close to where he lives.

Oh....some highlights. During the trip, which lasted about nine hours, we did see: One jack rabbit (the one with the long ears.....only the third one I've seen in over twenty years here now); two Roadrunners; and three javelina (one we almost hit, as it ran out from the underbrush to cross the road). We did stop for lunch at Aqua Caliente Park for lunch........finally some shade and a breeze too. Hope you all enjoyed.........feel free to share.

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Revised: October 15, 2022