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October 23 - 24, 2022 Out Bagdad Way

Report by Joe Orman


Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth
find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
                    Rachel Carson

Once again I traveled the highway which eventually ends at to the small mining town of Bagdad, to take a closer look at the saguaro-rich hillsides along the way. I hoped to document new specimens of that elusive creatures known as the crested saguaro ... and contemplate their strange beauty!

High on a rocky slope I spotted an arm crest, so I shoulder my pack and put boots on the ground. My route takes me through a scattering of prickly pear cactuses, several of them crested:

After much scrambling and cursing, I reach the arm crest:

My loop hike back to my Jeep takes me past this crested saguaro I first found 4 years ago ... the crest has noticeably grown!

I was able to get a telephoto shot of this squirrel before it noticed me and scampered away:

A bit farther down the road, I stopped at a pulloff that I know I'd stopped at before. Apparently that time I didn't walk to the edge and look down into the canyon below, or I would have seen this big arm crest:

After camping in a little hollow sheltered from the wind, I continued my quest. My spotting scope picked out an arm crest high on a distant ridge, so I drove as close as I could and once more shouldered my pack. On my hike up to the ridge, I unexpectedly came upon this newly-cresting saguaro:

Finally I made it to the arm crest I'd been aiming for:

My reserves of strength had not been depleted, but the day was getting late, so I returned to the highway and headed for home, grateful for life and beauty!

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Revised: December 6, 2022