Arizona Towering Giant Champion Saguaro's

Scientific Name: Cereus Giganteus
Custom Name: Saguaro
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I have found three giant grandaddy saguaro's that live in Yavapi County, North of Lake Pleasant. "Condor" was the champ but it now is in laying on the ground due to a summer storm. "Big Bubba" was one of the co-champs as well as "Ancient One" both still standing.

My Grandson and I found two more giant grandaddy saguaro's that live in Maricopia County, near the Horseshoe Lake area. "Grand One" was a champion. It was scorched by the Cave Creek Complex (CCC) fire and developed some diseases, but a strong summer storm ended up taking it down. "Candelabra" was a co-champion, but the CCC fire badly damaged it and it fell down later that summer/fall.

There is now One co-champion saguaro. There is one in the Superstitions that is under consideration.

Several ex-champions & Past-co-champions are located (Three) in Yavapai County, (Seven) in Maricopa County, (Four) in Pima County and (Five) in Pinal County. All the present champions are listed in both the The National Register of Big Trees and The Arizona Register of Big Trees.

Go to the statistics page and select one of the underlined names under the "Location" column to view photo's of several of these super grandaddy champion saguaro's.

Did you know that these grandaddy saguaro's have bark on them? I thought they were scars from forest fires, frost, insects, disease or something. Some patches of bark look similar to the bark on an old Pondarosa Pine tree. The bark area sheds the needles that saguaro's normally have.

The Environment News Service (ENS)has published an article and photo taken from this site.Invasive Buffelgrass Threatens Giant Saguaro's Tucson, Arizona, April 25, 2002
Also See ENS article Four New National Monuments Grace Western States by Cat Lazaroff, June 9, 2000.

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