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These Other Interesting Saguaro Cactus are Gorgeous too.

Source: Websters New World Dictionary, College edition

ring2 (rin), n
3: a circular line, mark or figure, For CSS we call it "the seam"
4: the outter edge or border of something circular
11: an enclosed area, often circular

crested (kres'tid), adj, having a crest
crest (krest) n, highest part of the body, head, horn; akin to ON, krista, to shake.
cristate (kris'tat) adj, crested, as some birds.
For CSS we look for "the seam"
On the end of a regular saguaro arm which is basically the growth circle.
When this growth area gets disturbed and elongates into a line, for whatever reason, is what we call "the seam".
An good example of this crested arm seam is at "Sonaran Sunset Crest"
"Note" there are 2 more arm crests on this saguaro, one is a double crest.

split (split), v.t..
1: to separate, cut, or divide into two or more parts; cause to separate along the grain or length; break into layers.
For CSS we use "Split" or "Y" defination in saguaro cactus to grow and separate into two equal parts,
including ribs and no ring or joints at either arm at the division point.

segmental (seg-men't'l), adj.
1: having the form of a segment of a circle.
2: of, or having the nature of a segment or segments.
3: composed of segments.
jointed (join'tid), adj, having joints.

Glomerate (glom'er-it) adj,
1: to wind or make into a ball
2: a ball, sphere; akin to globus (see GLOBE), formed into a rounded mass

Spiral (spi'rel), adj,
1: circling contininuously around a point or center in curves that constantly increase
(or decrease) in size; coiling in one plane.
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